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Peter Ablinger:
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for Title, String Quartet and Program Note (2009/10)

WACHSTUM UND MASSENMORD, ist für Titel, Streichquartett und Programmnote, wobei ich diese 3 Elemente als unabhängige und ebenbürtige Komponenten ansehe, und Titel und Programmnote nicht etwa nur Zusätze zum "eigentlichen" Werk, dem Streichquartett darstellen.

Blog from the 'American Music Center's Homepage about the première at Donaueschingen 2010:

"...But the scandal of the weekend was undoubtedly Peter Ablinger's WACHSTUM UND MASSENMORD, which appeared on the programs of JACK and Diotima. For approximately 15 minutes, the members of the quartet attempt to play a couple of measures, never quite getting them right. Their rehearsal—stopping and starting, retuning, adjusting their chairs, pages of the score, etc.—constitutes the "music" of the piece. (...) So provocative, that the audience rebelled at both of the performances I attended. During the JACK's performance, someone (who apparently is an important official at SWR) threw paper airplanes at them. Then soon thereafter the audience started clapping over the proceedings, forcing them to end. I initially thought all of those shenanigans were actually part of the piece—why not?—but they turned out not to be. That same audience did the same thing when the Diotima attempted a performance. They tried even harder to keep playing through the applause, but the audience would not relent and they too finally stopped. After that Ablinger came to take his bow and was summarily booed. Yet he was indeed causing us to listen to details we rarely choose to pay attention to and gave me much to think about."
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Another blog about the première - by Jennie/Soundexpanse, posted November 2010 (pdf, 8KB)
Title, preface for score, program note

listen to Diotima Quartet, performing "Wachstum und Massenmord", 16/11/2010

LP including "Wachstum und Massenmord"
an e-mail interview about the piece with Joeri Bruyninckx in 2017

Rezession Sofort! / Recession, now!
"Wachstum, Massenmord" for orchestra and subtitles
"Song for Less"
About the series "Instruments &", pieces 1-9, english translation, pdf
"Instruments &", Übersicht über den Zyklus und weitere Details
"Instruments &", overview and more details
Zum achten Stück der Serie / go to: 8th piece of the cycle

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