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Peter Ablinger:
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for an orchestra of improvisers and experimental musicians, 30'
2018 (1980-2018)

version for 28 performers: 2cl,2ss,2as,ts,bs,trp,euphon,2e-perf,3perc,acc,pno,3e-guit,vl,3va,3vc,2cb

Notes & bloc-notes, first sketches: a) continuum of details, b) layers of talk and background-noises, c) montage of the 39 notated fragments

originally written for the ONCEIM orchestre, Paris, the piece was conceived for an experimental orchestra with a mixture of improvisers and score-readers.

ONCEIM orchestre, Paris (©

preliminary note from the score:

theoretically the montage of the score is a version or a suggestion or a starting point. theoretically everything could be re-arranged, shortened, extended, while the general idea - density, horizontal and vertical collage - remains similar.

practically one would probably work with this version but is always free for changes in instrumentation.

Notebook entries of some of the fragments

see: score details (pdf)

listen: detail from "notes & bloc-notes" (ONCEIM orchestre, Berlin 2018)

digital album (ONCEIM orchestra)

(english un-edited)

for score and material, as well as for further informations, contact the publisher:

Bryan Eubanks, Gotzkowskystr. 15, D-10555 Berlin,
T: +49 / 176 / 47 39 29 97,

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