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Peter Ablinger:
Instrumente und ElektroAkustisch Ortsbezogene Verdichtung
Flöte (1995-99), 15'
fl, electronics, 15'

> general introduction to IEAOV pieces

Instrumente und ElektroAkustisch Ortsbezogene Verdichtung ("Red On Maroon"), Flute; composed 1995-99; Software: Wolfgang Musil, Vienna. Premiered by Carin Levine and Wolfgang Musil, Klangaktionen München, 1998

Marc Rothko: Red on Maroon, Oil on canvas, 1959
CC BY-SA 2.0 de

The composition IEAOV ("Red On Maroon") is not at all a translation of Rothko's painting from 1959. Actually there are almost no immediate relationships between the music and the painting. On the other hand exists some strong conjunctions between the entire IEAOV-series and New York abstract expressionist painters of the 50ies. But the piece IEAOV ("Red On Maroon") holds simply a thin biographical tie to the painting: While composing the piece Peter Ablinger read James E.B. Breslin's biography of Marc Rothko. The detailed narration of the painting process of Red on Maroon changed some decisions about the shape of the piece: IEAOV ("Red On Maroon") is the first of the IEAOV-series with "soft" edges.

("Hard edge", another important category of 50ies and 60ies abstract painting, is also a repeatedly appearing formal decision within many of Ablinger's pieces since the 80ies.)

Peter Ablinger: from sketch-books to "IEAOV, Red on Maroon"

Requirements for IEAOV ("Portraits"):
flute, bassflute, piccolo, MaxMSP, 2 microphones, 4 loudspeakers

> page 1 from score, showing the first part of "palettes"
> score, page 8
> english foreword from the score by Jonathan Styles
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> Text zur IEAOV-Serie
> complete list of IEAOV pieces
> general introduction to IEAOV pieces

for score and software contact the publisher:

Bryan Eubanks, Gotzkowskystr. 15, D-10555 Berlin,
T: +49 / 176 / 47 39 29 97,

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