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Programming Preferencies
A note on programming series in concerts

There are series and series

Most of my series are collections of individual pieces. It is not the very first idea to present them "as" series. Allthough this is certainly not excluded, the individuality of the pieces should remain in the foreground. Such collections are "Weiss/Weisslich", "Quadraturen", "Instruments &", "Augmented Studies", etc.

Different to such series are cycles like "Voices and Piano" or "1-127", which are not series in the earlier sense, but pieces in the form (or appearance) of series. These pieces possibly should be presented exactly "as" series, and not as individual pieces. Ideally it is always a not too small selection (and in this two pieces also never the whole, but always a selection). Ideally the chosen selection is presented as "one" (series "as" series), like a sonata in its different movements.

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    Selfportraits, ca. 1979

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