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Peter Ablinger:
Skalen / Scales
from: "Augmented Studies"

'Scales', material sketches 2021

the piece is about ordering materials into scales.

the materials are free. but they shouldn't be too few; the piece should be somewhat extensive; so that its execution goes for a while, e.g. 30' or more; and its materials fill the floor of a not too small room.

so the situation might beginn with - say - 18 un-ordered heaps of different materials spread out over the floor. the performer goes to the 1st heap and starts hitting the individual pieces - or just touches, plugs, shakes them - to hear its pitches and be able to bring them in a regular order from low to high.

with some materials such order seems to be almost impossible. in such cases the performer gives her best and ends with a suggestion. then turnes to the next heap.

in a sense the piece is not a piece. rather it consists of its own production. therefore the execution is just practical, not performative - like a preparation; it does not do more than the necessary minimum to find a solution. its appearance better is a bit hasty than ceremonial. but in any case each section ends with a full scale from low to high.

'Scales', in a short performative sketch by Zaca Maia, Briannia Hütte, 3030m, March 2022

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