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Peter Ablinger:
für 7 Frauenstimmen (1991), 28',
7 female voices

For 7 female voices. The piece has complex notation. Throughout the piece the same interval of a fourth (D-G) is insistent, with constant variation of (micro-)tonalities and colours. The piece involves high vocal tension - using only the extreme highest and lowest possible dynamics, switching suddenly from one to the other, and extended vocal techniques from subphonomatic throat-noises to scream-like multiphonics - as well as variable modeling with the hands of the body's resonance. The text of this litany is by the composer.

In a special version of the piece the 7 voices were performed by one singer (Chistina Ascher, with 6 voices on 6 channels from tape, with the central position live) accompanied by a stage and light design by Claudia Doderer. (Offenes Kulturhaus Linz 1994)

7 Göttinnen, prähistorische Felszeichnung, Val Camonica

> one page from the score

> listen detail 1 (voices: Christina Ascher)
> listen detail 2 (Belcanto Ensemble)
> listen detail 3 (Belcanto Ensemble)

> CD

Dr. Siegwald Ganglmair, Ruprechtsplatz 4-5/10, A - 1010 Wien,
T: ++43 / 699 / 103 183 74, AB/F: ++43 / 1 / 535 12 66

(English notes edited by Andrew Smith)

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