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Peter Ablinger:
Weiss/Weisslich 10

(since 1994)


10a: Kreuzgang mit Brunnenhaus, Lilienfeld, Niederösterreich
10b: Autobahntunnel, Plabutsch, Graz
10c: Klamm, Burgau am Attersee
10d: Weißdornhain, Grieben, Hiddensee


a series of places ("lieux trouvés") with certain acoustic qualities related to white noise. the piece exists only in its title, which might be interpreted as a suggestion to visit these places and listen.

10a: cloister with fountain-house, Lilienfeld, Austria;
10b: free-way tunnel, Plabutsch, Austria;
10c: ravine, Burgau, Austria;
10d: whitethorn wood, Hiddensee, Germany

Actually there exist a lot of other places not yet released here. But maybe it is even better if you find or invent your own places!

see also:

reference pieces
pieces which exist only in their title; one can execute or visit, do or think them

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