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Peter Ablinger:
instant music

sketch for "instant music", notebooks 2018

Instant Music. Instant Kaffee in ein Glas kaltes Leitungswasser einrühren. Umrühren. Dann mit dem Löffel auf den Glasboden (Mitte) trommeln: ein Glissando nach oben entsteht. Glas dabei in der Hand halten oder auf gedämpften Grund stellen. Wieder umrühren. Wieder trommeln: Gliss. fängt wieder von unten an. ZB. für mehrere unabhängige Performer. ZB. immer in langsamen Accelerandi-Ritardandi trommeln, oder auch nur in eine Richtung (accel. oder rit.).
Instant Music. Stir instant coffee into a glass of cold tap water. Stir. Then drum the bottom of the glass (center) with the spoon: a glissando upward is created. Hold glass in hand while doing this or place on steamed base. Stir again. Drum again: Gliss. starts again from the bottom. For example, for several independent performers. E.g. always drum in slow accelerandi ritardandi, or just in one direction (accel. or rit.).
listen, 2:48 (alternative player)

The glissando rises a bit higher each time, even to a decime on the 3rd time. In 2019, "instant music" became a part of this piece: Doo-doo-dooh, premiered in Chicago in January 2020 by the Fonema Consort. The glissando, however, remained much flatter, rising perhaps only a third. What could be the reason for such an obvious difference? My suspicion goes in the direction of the chlorinated water - but this has not yet been conclusively verified.

In 2013, on a trip to Iran, I learned to drink instant coffee with cold water, which I have kept ever since, especially in the warm months. In the photo I am performing "instant music", on the occasion of an online workshop in 2021 with Iranian sound artists. More from that workshop here.

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