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Peter Ablinger:


In April 2013 in the central-Iranian desert I was learning to write two Farsi words in Arabic letters. During a sand storm I wrote the first word - thinking - into the sand and waited until the wind made the letters fade away. Then I wrote the second word - listening -, waited again, and started from the beginning... (English edited by Simon Charles)

Film stills, April 2013, Mesr, Iran

Camera: Shirin Abedinirad

Postproduction: Judith Hasleder
Digital Editing: Georg Puchner
High-End Resolution: Julian Hasleder

for performance materials and further information contact the publisher:

Bryan Eubanks, Gotzkowskystr. 15, D-10555 Berlin,
T: +49 / 176 / 47 39 29 97,

see also:

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