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Peter Ablinger:
Die durchscheinende Zeit

an installation opera
different instrumentations, medias, collaborations and durations

"zeit" ("time"), wax crayons and pencil on paper, from the series 'Attersee, green/orange, series 4' 1988. (The drawing is reflecting the temporality of its own making. On the left/green side the colour was first, letters came later; on the right/orange side the letters were first, colour came later.)

"Die durchscheinende Zeit" in the version of ESC-Gallery, Graz

"Die durchscheinende Zeit" within the framework of 'Urbo Kune', a project of Klangforum Wien and f.e.a. on the subject of an European capital; Philharmonie Köln, Konzerthaus Wien, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, May 2015

Edgar Honetschläger: "Papiersonate", Tableau Vivant im grossen Saal der Philharmonie Köln als Teil von "Die durchscheinende Zeit", Zeichnungen auf Papier, Musiker des Klangforum Wien, Rücklicht; Probenfoto, Mai 2015

for score and material, as well as for further informations, contact the publisher:
Dr. Siegwald Ganglmair, Ruprechtsplatz 4-5/10, A - 1010 Wien,
T: ++43 / 699 / 103 183 74, AB/F: ++43 / 1 / 535 12 66

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