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A Letter From Schoenberg
reading piece with player piano

by: Peter Ablinger
Constructor of the Computer Controlled Piano Player: Winfried Ritsch
Software design: Thomas Musil, IEM Graz


You.... In spite of my protest,
you have published
Leibowitz’ performance
of my Ode to Napoleon
with a woman voice,
which I find
(...behind the orchestra...)
I can only tell you now,
that you will
hear from me.
You will, I can tell you,
you will regret this act
I will
be busy to help you
to be ruined
by this
what I will do....
(Some of the instruments ... in small....)
You are not only a bugger ...
You are not only a man who disregards an artist’s wishes,
his artistic beliefs,
you are also a man
who does not care
to keep a contract.
You know that you signed a contract,
according to which
you have
to account to me regularly.
You must have sold
a number of records
of my Violin Phantasy,
of the Trio,
and other things which you...
but which you issued without my consent.
I tell you,
you will hear from me also about these things,
and I hope it will cost you very much money.



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