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Peter Ablinger:
Weiss/Weisslich ohne Nummer

walking away, running back
cassette recorder and performer, 4:00, 1990 and 2021

Photo from another activity involving cassette players and running:
in preparation of WEISS/WEISSLICH 29, 6 chairs on a wintery field, 31.12.1996
photograph: Siegrid Ablinger

"Walking Away, Running Back" is based on a 40 seconds short recording from 1990 in which the following can be heard: A crashing switch-on, steps that are walking away, "silence" and, shortly before the end, rapid steps running back ending in the crashing switch-off.

This version of "Walking Away, Running Back" is sort of double-framing the 1990 take by a new-made repetition of the old recording plus the performance of that same activity in space - here and now.

The original recording from 1990, 0:40 (alternative player)

The full score download

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