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Peter Ablinger:
(1992), 27',

The piece involves one tone in changing octaves (and very seldom a few additional pitches). There are 6 sections, all in the same sequence of registers, like one piece written 6 times - a series, but at the same time there's an almost hidden development through the 6 sections.

Coordinated by click-tracks, each performer plays independently within separate pulses that never meet within one piece. The piece focuses on the micro-rhythmical shifts between piano-attacks and their different location in space - an etude in listening to what is not obvious in its details as well as its silent evolution.

light reflections on snow (Fotos: Maria Tržan)

> first page of the score
> listen (piano: Hannes Gill, Isabel Pérez-Requeijo, Elisabeth Väth-Schadler)
> Vinyl Record

> Progamm Note, deutsch/english

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> Hypothesen über einen romanischen Karner
      Hypotheses On A Romanesque Chappel (rough english translation)

Bryan Eubanks, Gotzkowskystr. 15, D-10555 Berlin,
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(English notes edited by Andrew Smith)

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