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Peter Ablinger:
viderunt omnes


Pérotin, Viderunt Omnes, CC BY-SA 2.0 de

Pérotin's "Viderunt Omnes" in an anamorphic transformation as the performative invironment of "Wir alle haben es gesehen", a free translation from "Viderunt Omnes". Feedback, ultra- and infrasonic waves are extending the range towards the edges auf audibility; the infra-sounds crossing that border into the area of tactility: "infra-beds" with low-frequency shakers are inviting the audience to stand, sit or lie on them, participating in a communal choreography, while the beds serve as the membrane for different vibration patterns, a specific wave-massage.

infra-bed, ink-sketch, 2021

Pérotin on sonic-bed, CC BY-SA 2.0 de

Infra-bed and rehearsal at Zentralwerk Dresden 2021, Foto: Maria Tržan

Continuum XXI performing "Wir alle..." at Tharandt Kuppelhalle 2021
Foto: Siegrid Ablinger

In den Bakchen möchte Pentheus Zuschauer sein beim Ritual. Die Ritualistinnen machen ihn jedoch zum Opfer: er wird zerissen. (Aus den Notizen zu: "Wir alle...")

"... Gesamtentfesselung ... mit Füssen, Händen, Eingeweiden, Blutlauf ... meteorologische Einflüsse ..." (Nietzsche)

software for spectral analysis and "Quadraturen"-tools written by Thomas Musil, IEM Graz

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> Subsonic and ultrasound concepts since 1983

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