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Peter Ablinger:
Infra / Ultra  

Subsonic and ultrasound concepts since 1983

PASSION (1983)
for Organ, Tenor Saxophone and Tape

Parts of the piece explore the space and organ of St. Thomas Church in Kreuzberg, Berlin. This organ has both a 1 foot and a 32 foot register, with the former able to create sounds above the limits of human hearing (sounds that would generate different degrees of pressure within our ears) and the later able to project vibration patterns onto the glass windows of the church with the causal tones being too low to hear. (out of print)

ultra- and subsonic sounds for organ, detail from: Passion, 1983

ESCAPSE (1986)
for Tenor Saxophone and Tape (out of print)

listen to detail from 'Escapse (prestudy)'
N.B Headphones or good quality loud speakers are required for this sample to be audible.

studies for prepared violin, 1-foot organ and other objects

Peter Ablinger
listen to detail 1 'Turner Etude (Trio)'
listen to detail 2 'Turner Etude (Solo)'

for 25 instrumentalists.

One from the piece's layers - its bottom most stratum - is referring to the frame of audibility. A keyboard part performs sine waves and slow phase interferences at around 11000 and 22Hz.

Keyboard part, detail

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"ultra-violet noise"

Noitz: Das Rauschen ist bandbegrenztes weisses Rauschen, das in der Höhe zunimmt - sozusagen "ultraviolettes Rauschen".

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"Primers", for 1-foot organ (sampled) and lead weights. Pitches range from the highest piano c up into the ultrasonic (inaudible) area.

keyboard and lead weights, position 1

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permanent installation with ultra- and subsonic waves

The day of the opening of the installation, January 31 2010.
8 listening positions across a long wooden bench.
Each position consists of an individual bass exciter and piezo tweeter.

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a sonic ritual

Infra-bed and rehearsal at Zentralwerk Dresden 2021, Foto: Maria Tržan

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Schwarzes Rauschen/ Black Noise

Mund, Augen, Ohren zu/ mouth, eyes, ears shut

Ohrstöpsel/ earplugs

akustische Unterbrechung / acoustic interruption

Musik ohne Klänge / Music without Sounds

(english edited by Henry Andersen)

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