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Peter Ablinger:
Metaphysisches Objekt 

realisation 2020, look into the cardboard model

notebook entry 2018, "Antiperspektivischer Spalt" ("anti-perspective cleft")

'eine Pyramide / zum Durchsehen / mit offenem / Spalt am / Ende, sonst / schwarz. /
Der Winkel / der Öffnung / ergibt eine / "statische" / oder "Anti"-Perspektive'

'a pyramide / to look through / with an open split at the end / otherwise black /
the angle of the opening / results in a "static" or "anti"-perspective'

cardboard model 2020, base 77x77, sides 103, aperture 4x4cm, studio realisation,
model for a larger realisation with similar proportions and side lenght of minimum 200cm,
so that the aperture -when looking through it- appears to be the same size than the base

compare also:
Black Squares

Umgekehrte Perspektive / Inverted Perspective

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