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Peter Ablinger:
Unwirkliche Veränderungen I-VIII

Mappe 10b aus den "Überlegungen"

für die Harfe

    self-portraits 1979, ink

"Vergissmeinnicht", probably my first consequent series. A sentimental tune from the late 19th century (by Carl Heins), transformed through constant changes of key signatures for each bar. Composed first in 1986 for piano, and translated to harp in 1991. For harp, key signature changes are pedal changes, which in this case is quite a physical activity. The decisions for each of the 16 bars of the piece and its 8 variations are according to 8 possible spellings of the magic square of 16.

    magic square of 16, from: Agrippa von Nettesheim, 1521, and its 8 possible spellings

Vergissmeinnicht (full score)

Listen to: Vergissmeinnicht, harp: Catherine Ashley, 5:19 (alternative player)
The take is from a 2019 "GreyWing Ensemble" record of the piece "Book of Returns" in which "Vergissmeinnicht" is integrated as one of its modules.

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