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Ensemble Zwischentöne

Ensemble Zwischentöne, premier of Alvin Lucier:
'Heavier than Air', Parochialkirche Berlin, May 1999

The Ensemble Zwischentöne was founded by Peter Ablinger in 1988. He run the ensemble until 2005. In 2006, Chiyoko Szlavnics directed and curated the group. Bill Dietz has been its artistic director since 2007.

Zwischentöne, Repertoire 1988-2007

Further informations at the homepage of Ensemble Zwischentöne

"Zwischentöne", from Alban Berg's score of 'Wozzek'

Documents about Ensemble Zwischentöne:
The initiating paper 1988
The first concert program 1989
Concert 1992, image 1: Petra Grosskopf
Concert 1992, image 2: Petra Grosskopf
Fragmente einer Verteidigung 1996
On amateur musicians, interview excerpt 2000
Nicht-Können 2023

The Ensemble Zwischentöne Homepage

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