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Peter Ablinger


6/12/18 world-receivers, 4'/8'/12'


Left photo (by Aniana Heras): the N.K. hallway; at the premiere the audience was standing along both walls of the hallway (see right photo by Hiroshi Mori). Preferably the piece is received from the perspective: from one or the other end of the hallway!

the score:

6 radios (world-receivers)
tuned to white noise (FM noise)
packed into a shoulder bag
stay on one end of a long hallway
silent in the beginning
take the 1st receiver out of the bag
switch it on
and lay it on the ground
go to next position
take the 2nd receiver out of the bag
switch it on
and lay it on the ground
and so on until the last radio
(see short script below)
after you have been walking back to position 1:
pick up radio 1
switch it off
put it back into the bag
go to position 2

equal distances between radios

short script:

(face towards position 6)
switch on 1-6
walk back to 1
switch off 1-6
(turn around: face towards position 1)
switch on 6-1
walk back to 6
switch off 6-1

versions with 12 or 18 radios are also possible

at 10" per unit the piece lasts
ca. 4 minutes with 6 radios
ca. 8 minutes with 12 radios
ca. 12 minutes with 18 radios

also a slower execution is possible
(a "unit" is the duration from one radio to the next)
(English edited by Simon Charles)

notebook-entry for "N.K. Hallway Piece", 2011

Versions for "Circle" and "Line" 1997

for print versions and/or radios contact the publisher:
Bryan Eubanks, Gotzkowskystr. 15, D-10555 Berlin,
T: +49 / 176 / 47 39 29 97,

The "N.K. Hallway Piece" is a possible formulation of

WEISS / WEISSLICH 7a: Rauschempfänger (1994)
WEISS / WEISSLICH 7b: Rauschen (1998)
see also:

CIRCLE for 12 world-receivers (1996), 8'

für 6 analoge Tonbandgeräte, eine Akteurin, und maximal 6 Besucher jeweils, 7 Minuten pro Durchlauf
THE PLOT, for 6 analog tape-players, an actress, and max. 6 visitors, 7 minutes per performance
deutsche Dokumentation / english documentation

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