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Peter Ablinger:
Rauschempfänger (1994)

WHITE / WHITISH 7a: noise receiver (1994)

noise receiver; e.g. a radio between 2 stations, or tv without antenna; - as a fact, installation, or performance

- as a fact

- as an installation - as a performance

siehe auch / see also:

Weiss / weisslich 7b, Rauschen

Weiss / weisslich 7b, The Duration of a Square

Rauschen / white noise documentation

Hinweisstücke / Reference Pieces
Stücke, die nur aus ihrem Titel bestehen / pieces which exist only in their title

On Peter Ablinger's installations, by Christian Scheib

Static's Music - Noise Inquiries
fundamentals about Peter Ablinger's work, by Christian Scheib

Die 3 Aspekte des Absoluten / 3 Aspects of the Absolute
oder: Monochromie 1823

Window Piece: Seeing and Hearing the Music of Peter Ablinger
2010 by G. Douglas Barrett

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