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Peter Ablinger:
Outside &
aus: "Instruments &"

für Instrument/e und Aussenmikrofonierung (2015/2018)

"Tautologie, Verdopplung, Spiegelung / vgl. Kopfhörer",
from sketchbook for "REMOVE.TERMINATE.EXIT."

From instructions:

Outside is a microphone installed, which transmits the outside noise inwards. Inside are one or more instrumentalists who improvise with the external sounds in a maximum mimetic way - that is to double the outside noise as much as possible. The instrumentalist/s hear/s the microphone signal through a closed headphone, while in the hall, on the speakers, it sounds with a delay of 0.7 seconds.

"Doppelbelichtung" ("double exposure"), from sketchbook 2004

outside microphone, attachment at Grieghallen, Bergen 2018

instructions, deutsch/english (Full Score!)
Outside&_dt-engl, instructions, pdf

listen to Erik Carlson (va)
excerpt from the world premiere at Carlson's home in San Diego, April 30, 2020
mp3 download

Bryan Eubanks, Gotzkowskystr. 15, D-10555 Berlin,
T: +49 / 176 / 47 39 29 97,

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