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Peter Ablinger:
Weiss/Weisslich 33
"Die Farbe der Nähe", Konzept und Stücke auf CD

"Krimmler Wasserfälle" (Version 1993 und 1999), 4'30"
"für Inge Dick" (1998), 3'30"

(Das Konzept besteht darin, diesselbe Rauschquelle aus verschieden entfernten Stationen zunehmender Nähe aufzunehmen, aber in ausgeglichener Lautstärke wiederzugeben.)

noise windows of decreasing bandwith and increasing grain size,
from the notebook "Noise/Hypotheses" 1994

The Waterfalls of Krimml are one of the largest waterfalls in the alps. 1993 I recorded them in different proximities with a tape recorder with built-in mics. 1999 I repeated the sequence of recordings with a DAT and a better microphone.

recording "The colour of nearness", 1999 (Photo: Siegrid Ablinger)

I wanted to examine what happens with "white" (noise) when heard from different distances. "White" is not "white" (not everything) any more when heard from far, where the high portions of sounds are attenuated.

In 1998 I met the Austrian painter Inge Dick who explores the consistency of the colour white in different day light. In one of the long baroque hallways of the monastery St. Lambrecht, Austria, I made another sequence, recording white noise from a small radio which was set at one end of the hallway while I made recordings in logarhythmicly increasing distances. The resulting version is "For Inge Dick".

> listen: waterfall, recording date: 12/1990

> listen: Weiss/Weisslich 33, detail from the first version, 1/1993

"Weiss/Weisslich 33", exhibition view, Werkraum Berlin 2023

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Bryan Eubanks, Gotzkowskystr. 15, D-10555 Berlin,
T: +49 / 176 / 47 39 29 97,

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