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Peter Ablinger:
Weiss/Weisslich 19

Hand hinters Ohr halten/wegnehmen,
"für Sven Åke Johansson" (1995)

move hands behind ears/remove

Hand hinters Ohr halten/wegnehmen (drawing: Peter Ablinger)

To move hands behind our ears changes our acoustic orientation. The small difference between hands behind our ears and hands removed equals a change of presence, a tiny difference in our way of being here. This difference is related to a change from one room to another (Weiss / Weisslich 15), a change of acoustic ambience (Weiss / Weisslich 16), or to listening to the same actual reality with or without headphone in Weiss / Weisslich 36. Weiss/Weisslich 19 is another example of a disappearing though determinant difference: the difference of being here and being aware of being here. (English note edited by Andrew Smith)

> slide show: pictures of Sven Åke Johansson performing Weiss / Weisslich 19

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